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  • pliki-w-chmurze-jak-zapobiegac-utracie-danych

    Files in cloud, how to prevent loss of data

    Tags: Amazon Cloud, computers, data backup, Dropbox, Google Drive, MediaFire, MEGA, One Drive

    You hope that your computer will never break down? This is a false hope, personally, I’ve lost data from 4 hard drives, including 1 from work. Initially, I wasn’t doing backup either. If it wasn’t for monthly backup of my work disk, I would have lost much important data. I’ve been keeping files in cloud for a long time. This makes it possible to archive data in real time. In the case of a disk malfunction, you only loose the file you are currently working on. At first, I was using Dropbox (dropbox.pl), but the small space available for free - 2 GB - was a huge problem

  • windows-a-moze-linux

    Windows, or maybe Linux?

    Tags: computers, Linux, Ubuntu, Windows

    It is Windows that has been the most popular operating system for personal computers for over 15 years. Continually there appear new versions, some of them better, some worse, but there is still no serious competitor. What might be the cause of this situation? Bill Gates discovered a niche on the market, when in the 90s PCs were gaining tremendous popularity. For years the users got used to the system, which let Microsoft become a giant. Nowadays almost everyone thinks Windows is the only operating system and that it’s impossible to work on a computer without it


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