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    Positioning the website

    Tags: Audit SEO, seo, websites

    Positioning is a method to go up in Google search results under specific keywords. Most often, it is charged for achieving a given position of the website for specific phrases, or with a fixed monthly rate. Depending on the popularity of selected phrases, the results of positioning sometimes can be seen right away, and sometimes you have to wait a bit. However, the high position of the website in search results doesn’t always come with a high number of visits / new clients. The number of Google searches in each month can be monitored with the use of the Keyword Planner

  • Money Growing on trees.

    Effective internet advertisement

    Tags: advertisement, Audit SEO

    You have a website and you are wondering what to do next? Google Adwords is the biggest auctioning system. The system provides immediate display of sponsored link on the first page of search results under selected phrase. It is paid per clicks, however the price is not the only factor deciding about the position of the ad. Optimization of the campaign consist in aiming at the highest quality result. The advertiser, who takes care of the content, matching it well to the keyword, and making it consistent with the target website, will pay less

  • optymalizacja-dla-wyszukiwarek-oraz-sieci-spolecznosciowych

    Optimization for search engines and social networks

    Tags: Audit SEO, optimization, seo, websites, WordPress

    Before you start positioning your website, you should think whether everything is refined to the last detail, so that a potential increase of visits would entail an increase of income and brand recognition. It is very important that the structure of the website is made according to the standards of Google search engine. This way it is possible to get a higher position in search results. Optimization of websites consists in improving the website code, adjusting the published content and enhancing its usefulness. The temptation to quickly get to the TOP10 is enormous


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