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I. Data backup

Before I start working, first I make a copy of the website.

  • BackUpWordPress.

II. Updating WordPress and add-ons

I always update the system and add-ons to the latest version. Bugs and security holes are always regularly fixed and updated by the authors.

III. Virus elimination

I scan the website with an antivirus program. Then I download the website on a computer with FTP FileZilla client ( and search for infected elements in the code using Netbeans ( A virus adds encrypted data to the php files, triggered with eval, base64_decode and @include commands or to the other files <?php command. Often they can be found in the first line, with a number of spaces, so that the code is not visible when editing.

IV. Security

More information on CMS WordPress security can be found in the article Optimization and security / CMS WordPress:

  • Wordfence Security, protection against basic attacks and viruses,
  • Loginizer, login / brute force protection,
  • PHP security,
  • .htaccess security, blocking author search, 5G BLACKLIST/FIREWALL,
  • Akismet, protection against spam.

V. Analyzing a virus

I look through system logs, identify the cause of the infection and secure the website against future attacks.

VI. Notifying Google search engine about virus elimination

I add the website to the Google Search Console. In the Security Issues tab, I notify about eliminating the virus and securing the website.

VII. Monitoring

When the work is done, the website is constantly monitored. New and modified files, containing malicious code, are detected to prevent a virus attack.


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