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When the internet market started to grow, it turned out that the cost of creating internet sites and their administering constitutes a heavy expenditure for many companies. To save time and money needed to modify and add new content to a website, the companies began to look for an ideal solution. That’s how tools for intuitive content edition and content management systems – CMS – have been created.

The years of experience gained at work and great passion for new technologies gave me an opportunity to try and test dozens of applications. In my opinion, which is shared by many experts in the field as well, it is WordPress that is the best and simplest system to use.

At first it was mainly used to create blogs. Over the time, however, large numbers of programmers all around the world started adding new functions, the effect of which is a system with limitless possibilities. With it, it is possible to create a company or corporate website, or even a social networking site or internet shop.

Most of all, WordPress is amazingly easy to use. A 30-minute training is enough to learn how to update and modify the content of a website on your own. The built-in content editor features interface that is very similar to that of the widespread Word.


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