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  • pozycjonowanie-stron-internetowych

    Positioning the website

    Tags: Audit SEO, seo, websites

    Positioning is a method to go up in Google search results under specific keywords. Most often, it is charged for achieving a given position of the website for specific phrases, or with a fixed monthly rate. Depending on the popularity of selected phrases, the results of positioning sometimes can be seen right away, and sometimes you have to wait a bit. However, the high position of the website in search results doesn’t always come with a high number of visits / new clients. The number of Google searches in each month can be monitored with the use of the Keyword Planner

  • Money Growing on trees.

    Effective internet advertisement

    Tags: advertisement, Audit SEO

    You have a website and you are wondering what to do next? Google Adwords is the biggest auctioning system. The system provides immediate display of sponsored link on the first page of search results under selected phrase. It is paid per clicks, however the price is not the only factor deciding about the position of the ad. Optimization of the campaign consist in aiming at the highest quality result. The advertiser, who takes care of the content, matching it well to the keyword, and making it consistent with the target website, will pay less

  • optymalizacja-dla-wyszukiwarek-oraz-sieci-spolecznosciowych

    Optimization for search engines and social networks

    Tags: Audit SEO, optimization, seo, websites, WordPress

    Before you start positioning your website, you should think whether everything is refined to the last detail, so that a potential increase of visits would entail an increase of income and brand recognition. It is very important that the structure of the website is made according to the standards of Google search engine. This way it is possible to get a higher position in search results. Optimization of websites consists in improving the website code, adjusting the published content and enhancing its usefulness. The temptation to quickly get to the TOP10 is enormous

  • optymalizacja-cms-wordpress

    Optimization and security / CMS WordPress

    Tags: Audit WordPress, optimization, security, seo, websites, WordPress

    I. Data backup Before I start working, first I make a copy of the website. BackUpWordPress. II. Updating CMS WordPress and add-ons The first step of optimization is to update the system and add-ons to the latest version. It’s crucial, because from time to time authors fix bugs, solve security issues, increase speed or add new interesting functions. III. Optimizing load speed Websites installed on WordPress often load slowly, especially in the evenings, when hosts are the most loaded. First, I change PHP version on server to 7 and disable unnecessary plugins

  • infekcja-strony-internetowej-wirus-spam

    How to remove virus, security / CMS WordPress

    Tags: Joomla, security, spam, virus, websites, WordPress

    I. Data backup Before I start working, first I make a copy of the website. BackUpWordPress. II. Updating WordPress and add-ons I always update the system and add-ons to the latest version. Bugs and security holes are always regularly fixed and updated by the authors. III. Virus elimination I scan the website with an antivirus program. Then I download the website on a computer with FTP FileZilla client ( and search for infected elements in the code using Netbeans (

  • responsive web design. computer electronics

    RWD - adjusting to mobile phones and tablets

    Tags: Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5, RWD, websites

    The most convenient way is to use Bootstrap library ( With it, the website is divided into 12 blocks, which create columns col. The division is made depending on the device on which the website is displayed

  • Coding and programming mobile applications for devices. Design and programming. Responsive web design and optimization

    CSS3 - appearance design and animations on a website

    Tags: CSS3, websites

    Having created a website framework, it is possible to prepare a graphic design and animations with the use of CSS3 styles. First, the default style values need to be set in order to ensure proper functioning on popular web browsers

  • Web Development flat design illustration, Creative banner with laptop and computer screen showing app coding and programming.

    HTML5 - a website framework

    Tags: HTML5, websites

    I start with creating a website structure using HTML5 code. We prepare the headline, logo, menu, footer and we displace content blocks, lists, charts, links and pictures. We apply styles for a matching appearance, implement additional fonts, as well as scripts for dynamic interaction with the user. <!DOCTYPE html>Setting the website’s language as polish (pl-PL).<HTML lang="pl-PL" xmlns:og="" xmlns:fb="https://www.facebook

  • wordpress-intuicyjny-cms-dla-kazdego

    WordPress, intuitive CMS for everyone!

    Tags: websites, WordPress

    When the internet market started to grow, it turned out that the cost of creating internet sites and their administering constitutes a heavy expenditure for many companies. To save time and money needed to modify and add new content to a website, the companies began to look for an ideal solution. That’s how tools for intuitive content edition and content management systems – CMS – have been created. The years of experience gained at work and great passion for new technologies gave me an opportunity to try and test dozens of applications

  • wordcamp-poznan-po-raz-drugi-w-polsce

    WordCamp Poznan, second time in Poland

    Tags: Poznan, Wordcamp, WordPress

    On December 9-10, 2011, in the School of Humanities and Journalism in Poznań, there took place the second Polish convention of WordPress fans, WordCamp. The first Polish convention was organized one year earlier in Łódź. Globally, WordCamp has a slightly longer history. It was founded in 2006 by Matt Mullenweg and since then the conference is organized cyclically in different places around the world. In the 5-year history of WordPress meetings, each year you can observe a growing number of conventions and participants


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